Recruitment Team

Below is list of Recruitment Team Members with varying backgrounds and assignments. These team members are here to help you through the hiring process and answer any questions you may have.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the listed recruitment team members.

Marcus Saenz

Sexual Assault/Homicide Division

Currently assigned as a Sexual Assault/Homicide Detective. Prior experience as a SWAT Team Member, Field Training Officer (FTO), Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), and Cadet Advisor

Richard Herrera

Corporal // Crisis Negotiator with SWAT Team
Served in United States Marine Corp as a 0331 Machine Gunner (1992-1996). Lateral with prior experience at Los Angeles Authority Police Department

Ryan O’Neil

Currently assigned as the Personnel and Training Sergeant. He is a DRE Instructor with previous experience working the Downtown Echo Unit

Nick Jarvis

Field Training Officer // Patrol Rifle Instructor
Currently assigned as a Field Training Officer and Patrol Rifle Instructor Lateral with prior experience with the Montebello Police Department

Justin Melendez

Hiring Officer
Currently assigned as the Hiring Officer. Previous experience with the Downtown Echo Unit and was a Field Training Officer